Hello and welcome to the School Of Wrestling Knowledge. This website is the world's first learning tool and mentoring platform for those who wish to get involved in the wrestling business in a non-wrestling capacity. If you'd like to work in wrestling behind the scenes, as a wrestling storyline writer, booker, promoter and even a wrestling referee, the School Of Wrestling Knowledge is the ultimate learning tool for you. That's not to say that wrestlers cannot benefit from the vast amounts of information and knowledge shared with members of this website, as they certainly can. The School Of Wrestling Knowledge is the ideal learning tool for wrestlers who wish the understand more about the mental and psychological art of wrestling or and political side of the industry.

The School Of Wrestling Knowledge is also a platform to help you learn directly from some of the top mentors in wrestling on both sides of the Atlantic with a series of one on one and group mentoring and seminars options available. The School Of Wrestling Knowledge's main aim is to provide a real learning tool those who are seriously interested in getting into the Pro Wrestling business as promoters, bookers, ringside managers, commentators, referees, journalists, production assistants or any one of the many non-wrestling roles that are currently on offer in the ever-expanding world of pro wrestling.

This website, its live seminars and exclusive video, audio and written content are designed to give you the important information you need to approach the industry with the correct tools for increasing your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to make it. In our higher price plans, we will also give assistance to members in the correct ways of approaching established people within the wrestling industry and aid them with the tools, advice and references to help make the best impression they can.

The School Of Wrestling Knowledge website is primarily a paid member's site, offering users educational content and information that is unique to this website . Price plans start from as little as £9.95 ($14.95 US) and we offer everything from private mentoring by our team of industry professionals to the latest tools in learning this very specialist subject.

Here are just some of the things you can find at the School Of Wrestling Knowledge:

- School Of Wrestling Knowledge video seminars
- Personal mentoring from Raven, Katarina Waters, Doug Williams and Alex Shane
- Our School Of Wrestling Knowledge regular podcast with Alex Shane and Tom Anstey (First Guest is Raven)
- Exclusive "Behind The Curtain Series" matches with booker and wrestler educational commentary
- Exclusive video advice and interviews from some of the industry's top names.
- The first of its kind, School Of Wrestling Knowledge exam software
- E-Booker program - The world's first ever booker training e-fed
- Exclusive School Of Wrestling Knowledge training articles
- The School Of Wrestling Knowledge jobs board
- Discounts on wrestling merchandise

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